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The Benefits of a Kitset Cabin as a Home Office

One of the things that the pandemic has taught us is that an aspect of the work-life balance concept is actually possible — that of working at home. With the necessary precautions dictated by infection avoidance, such as physical distancing, the need for safe workspaces has become a main concern for most of the working class, hence the current demand for an actual home office.

Doing remote work at home, however, is not without challenges, as people learned the hard way. The incessant noise of the household, combined with the nuances of being with the family are just some of the things that often make productivity at home difficult. This is where the benefits of having a Kitset cabin come in.

working in a Kitset cabin as a home office

Is Getting a Kitset Cabin Actually Beneficial?

Depending upon the prevailing scenario at home, having a Kitset cabin as a home office could prove to be the best thing to ever happen to someone looking to boost productivity during a remote work scenario. Many who already established their work arrangements in a kitset cabin admit that it is the best work setup they have used.

Cost-efficient Construction

The size and construction type of a kitset cabin makes it far more efficient relevant to expenses when compared to the construction of other similarly-sized structures. While it is called a cabin, it is nowhere near a full-sized house, and as such, will not amount to the material cost associated with building even a small house. As cabins are primarily constructed with wood, build costs will not amount to what would be needed if the structure were made of steel and concrete. The natural properties of wood will also help largely in saving costs for airconditioning and weather sealing, since concrete structures are notorious for having water seepage issues after some time.

Superior Climate Control

There is a reason why many hunter lodges in the wild are made of wood and constructed in the fashion of a cabin. Apart from the need to have construction materials that are able to weather the various climates throughout the year, there is also the consideration that the structure needs to house people at times, and wooden cabins are known to be among the most comfortable dwelling structures regardless of the climate.

Cabins are also surprisingly more weather-sealed than most people would think. Searing hot summers and the numbing cold of winter are easily managed with the proper insulation and climate regulation measures installed in the cabin. As a home office, this provides the same comfort one could expect from a weather-sealed house or office.

custom kitset cabins in snow

Energy Efficient Structure

Concrete structures require air conditioning and climate control, particularly in places where the summer and winter seasons become unbearable. This is also the case for steel or metal structures, which would definitely become an added expense once the structure is used. A wooden structure like a kitset cabin will not necessarily require as many climate control considerations, as wood comes with properties that are ideal for dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Wood is also a natural electrical insulator, which poses less of a threat when electrical equipment is present in the workspace. Anyone who has ever worked in an office made of concrete would be familiar with the annoyance brought on by static electricity in an environment full of electrical equipment.

Greater Natural Durability

Regardless of how strong builders might say a concrete structure is versus a wooden structure like a kitset cabin, nature will always prove this to be wrong. Concrete and metal structures are known to exhibit cracks and structural damage after a significant natural event, such as an earthquake. The rigid and inflexible build present in concrete and metal structures creates a self-defeating scenario where vibration resistance and inflexibility bring about cracks and splits where there should be none.

Wood, on the other hand, is highly flexible. Even when treated, wood retains a good amount of flexibility, allowing it to weather vibrations and even large-scale warping caused by earthquakes, the buffeting forces of storms, and the bitter cold of harsh winters.

Office setup in a Kitset cabin

Faster, More Efficient Build Time

Even in this day and age of highly advanced innovations in construction, woodworking and carpentry are still very much alive. Those who are into the craft will admit that there is no greater joy than being able to build and work with wood, as the material always yields impressive results, and in a manner that is closest to the vision of the crafter.

Concrete and metal structures will always have structural and load-bearing considerations when used as building materials, as the sheer weight and density of these materials become a limiting factor. The natural strength and versatility of wood often present a limitless potential as to how it could be used and shaped.

A Customizer’s Dream Material

Dream builds all start from a person’s imagination, and nothing kills imagination and creativity more than limitations. This is often the problem with rigid and difficult building materials, as imaginative designs are often limited by physical considerations such as weight, structural integrity, and other factors.

Throughout history, wood has always been the best medium for an imaginative person’s energy. Many imaginative structures are often made out of wood just so they could be constructed in the way they were envisioned, and this consideration also exists in using wood as a building material. Cabins made of wood are among the most creative structures built, both inside and out, as the builder’s imagination gets expressed fully.

A Kitset Cabin’s Unlimited Potential

Far from just being a mediocre workplace, a kitset cabin made into a home office, such as the ones that could be found in searches for nifty cabins in NZ, presents a fantastic option for a place of great work productivity. It brings all the creature comforts of being at home while allowing for a good amount of work to be done.

This answers the question about the reality of a work-life balance. If the workplace created at home or away from the office is indeed something that affords the person the comfort and security of being at home while allowing efficient work to be done, then that is the true definition of work-life balance.

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