Upon purchasing a manufactured product from Custom Cabins Waikato, the customer hereby concurs with the following terms and conditions of the sale:

1. Deposit for product is to be paid BEFORE fabrication or delivery/ collection date is undertaken.

2. Orders over $10,000 may require a progress payment, during construction and before final completion, due to extra materials being used

3. Final balance is to be finalised IN FULL before purchased product leaves manufacturing yard. 

4. ALL joinery used in the kitsets is RECYCLED. They are subject to some variance due to stocks being constantly sourced from alternating suppliers through the seasons.

5. Other materials used as exterior structural components (Piles, Bearers, Joists, Flooring, Cladding, Decking, Doors and Window Trims etc) are all H3.2 CCA treated for permanent outdoor exposure.

6. Customer must finish the product with exterior quality paint or stain within the first 2-4 weeks of completion to ensure durability and qualify for any warranty of the product.

7. Custom Cabins Waikato does not build to council permit requirements.

8. Any manufacturing faults, are to be submitted in writing via email within 2 weeks to management at Custom Cabins Waikato.  Additional costs may be incurred if the customer fails to comply with clause 6. 

9. All customer assembled kitsets must be assembled according to the provided instructions.  The customer MUST notify Custom Cabins Waikato of any possible defects IMMEDIATELY.

10. Custom Cabins Waikato denies liability for any alterations made to the product by the customer unless prior written permission has been obtained from Custom Cabins Waikato

11. All quotes valid for 30 days only.